Our beginning

every beginning is difficult


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“My passion is to cook. To surprise and happy people with new culinary creations
to do, ”says Christian Jeschke . One day I cooked ketchup for my friends for the first time for a barbecue evening. The group immediately fell in love with the creation, which I made with pure honey without chemical additives and starches. Soon I developed different, unique flavors with ingredients like coffee, chocolate and spices. This is how the run of Ritonka ... made with love (2016) began .

Together with my partner  Ivana Fabianova , I turned my idea into a company.
But selling Ritonka products is not the only job we two workaholics do.
"The meeting with José, the owner of a coffee farm in Honduras and his passion for natural Arabica coffee inspired us and soon we became very good friends and business partners."
Since then, Ivana and I have been serving our guests in our Ritonka Café & Gourmet Store this very special coffee and have been showered with praise for it (see reviews, e.g. Google Maps).

And let's be honest - without a good cup of coffee and one

Chocolate bar, life would be much more boring!

Since December 2019 we, Christian Jeschke and Ivana Fabianova have been operating under the 

Motto "COME TO ENJOY, LEAVE AS A FRIEND" a unique store with a view

to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The wonderful scent of fresh strudel, the

delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee and the tempting displays of the 

Ritonka Café & Gourmet Store  to resist is almost impossible.
Mainly regional Austrian delicacies and specialties
  load to regular

right taste explosions. Whether handmade chocolate, vinegar, oils or

Spirits - everything is taken care of.  


Cozy hanging out, good coffee and delicacies to take away are still there 

far from everything that the location has to offer. To avoid just a simple, long-

There is an ongoing program at Ritonka to be a casual café.

The cultural program in the Ritonka Café & Gourmet Store  provides variety

in the coffee shop. Whether readings, jazz evenings, live music or other high-

lights - you are sure to find something to suit your taste here. Every Saturday

and Sunday they have a fantastic brunch  and every first Sunday in 

Month arrives from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Jazz brunch instead.

In our online shop, just like in the store at Babenbergerstraße 5, you will find our unique sweet and sour
Concept. From various hand-made chocolates, lovingly presented pralines to ketchup (without white sugar) in a wide variety of flavors, gourmet salts and many other products, you will find exclusively hand-made specialties here.