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Our beginning

every beginning is difficult


Ritonka - we are a family
Ritonka - we are family2

“My passion is to cook. To surprise and happy people with new culinary creations
to do, ”says Christian Jeschke . One day I cooked ketchup for my friends for the first time for a barbecue evening. The group immediately fell in love with the creation, which I made with pure honey without chemical additives and starches. Soon I developed different, unique flavors with ingredients like coffee, chocolate and spices. This is how the run of Ritonka ... made with love (2016) began .

Together with my partner  Ivana Fabianova , I turned my idea into a company.
But selling Ritonka products is not the only job we two workaholics do.
"The meeting with José, the owner of a coffee farm in Honduras and his passion for natural Arabica coffee inspired us and soon we became very good friends and business partners."
Since then, Ivana and I have been serving our guests in our Ritonka Café & Gourmet Store this very special coffee and have been showered with praise for it (see reviews, e.g. Google Maps).

Bobby - we love you
Welcome by Ritonka Ivana, Christian
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