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our motto
Come as a friend, leave as a friend


There is something for everyone in the Ritonka Café & Gourmet Store. Shopping, cafe, cocktails and even a bite to eat . The store itself is staged and furnished with one goal: to inspire you, to switch off and enjoy and to bring some variety into your everyday life. We hope that you will come to visit and take the time to enjoy. Can't you do it in person? Instead, visit our online shop!

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We look forward to your visit to convince you personally of our gourmet products. The choice ranges from many  Chocolate creations, handmade ketchups without sugar, topic salts , syrups and many other gourmet products that you can test and buy.

From your favorite chocolate bar to exclusive delicacies that we make by hand and with love.



Ritonka handmade
Products & regional

  • handmade chocolate

  • Pralines

  • Drinking chocolate

  • handmade syrup

  • handmade ketchup & sauces

  • Vinegar oil

  • Coffee straight from the farm in Honduras

  • Premium wine

  • beer

  • special spirits & liqueurs

about us

Ritonka Produktion



Ritonka for your family

Ritonka is a young family.

We create carefully our products with love for families who like to try something unique. 

Ritonka is for the modern family, who cares about health.

For the modern family, who has visions and wants to try something new.

Quality, freshness and the love of fantasy combined with innovation is our philosophy and our promises to our customers!


High-quality raw materials are the basic prerequisite for the development of our Ritonka products. This begins with the selection of our suppliers, through our innovations, with the usual and tasty compositions.


All this is a guarantee for satisfied customers and the basis for success.



Ritonka - we are family

Organic or


Why aren't we 100% organic? We try to offer a reasonable mix between organic, local and seasonal. 100% organic would mean sourcing some raw materials, which are actually also produced in Austria, from further away. On the other hand, it is unfortunately also a question of price. 100% organic would increase our prices very much. 

We always keep our eyes open and replace ingredients and packaging material as soon as we discover something more sustainable that is affordable for our customers.

Über uns

Michaela K.

Sensational brunch good products are served with a lot of love ... the price / performance ratio is really excellent ... you feel very comfortable in the second living room ... is probably due to the owners who take great care of their guests ... keep it up with us come back soon !!

Birgit H.

Delicious, great atmosphere, beautiful murals, incredibly friendly owners! And an excellent coffee! And you don't get a ketchup tasting everywhere either. 😉

Gabriele A.

Ottimo caffè italiano forse l'unico a Vienna ottima anche la sacher in uno dei quartieri più belli di Vienna.


Excellent Italian coffee, maybe the only one in Vienna, also excellent Sacher in one of the most beautiful districts of Vienna.


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