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Pumpkin Seed Beer - hop & malt meets pumpkin 

Ladies & Gentlemen Beer

Hop & malt meets pumpkin
Ladies & Gentlemen Beer

The best malt gives our beer the unmistakable round body, noble hop is responsible for the delicate bitter taste and the selected roasted pumpkin seeds from the Styrian region ensure the fine nutty flavor.

Ritonka Pumpkin Seed Hop & Malt Beer is bottled after 8 weeks of fermentation and storage time and running brewing control with utmost care. Thanks to the refined filtration process and optimal storage, we can guarantee a shelf life of 12 months.

The excellent quality of the ingredients and the well-researched positive qualities of the pumpkin seeds guarantee a drinking pleasure, which you will not find in other beers!

... made with love

EAN Blond: 912005087249 3
EAN Dark: 912005087250 9


Bottle: 330ml
Alcohol content: 4.9% vol. Or alcohol free