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CAFe de Honduras

Ritonka Cafe de Honduras

the best coffee to start in the morning

Ritonka Boutique Espresso - Café de Honduras is a 100% authentic Arabica coffee. Highland Arabica beans with plenty of body, fine-sour notes and a light aroma.  Directly from family farming in Honduras, our coffee is fine and full-bodied, powerful and distinctive in taste. Low-acid coffee without bitter substances due to long-term roasting. Therefore digestible and stomach friendly. 

The plants grow slowly; as a result, the Top Arabica beans, providing the pleasure of fair-traded coffee that is enjoyed, acquire their particularly refined aroma. The red cherries are carefully plucked by hand and dried manually. In the sparing procedure used for roasting, a refined and powerful taste develops. Whether drunk black or with whipping cream added – what is guaranteed is a finely fragrant coffee with an aroma that has real substance.

Honduras is in the top ten (10) coffee producing countries in the world and belongs to the fastes growing coffee exporters. Thanks to the Honduras ideal location and terroir, no artificial fertilizers are needed to grow our coffee. That makes our coffee a great choice for those who seek organically produced coffees from sustainable farms.

Ritonka Espresso Geisha PREMIUM Coffee

100% Arabica; Fine, elegant acid,
light sweet body,
Full and round taste of chocolate and nuts with
creamy finish of the next cup demands.

cannot compare

us to others

•  Frisch geröstet

• 100% Arabica

• Schatten gewachsen

• Single Origin / Plantage Kaffee; wir haben

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Herkunftsland: Honduras

Region: TRINIDAD, Santa Bárbara

Plantage: LA GUINEAL

Höhe über dem Meeresspiegel: 1.300m bis 1.400m

Prozess: Gewaschen und sonnengetrocknet



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